News(Updated on February 4, 2024)

News(Updated on February 4, 2024)

Compile Hua Chenyu’s latest updates.



Hunan TV Spring Festival Gala

Invited to be the spokesperson for the Spring Festival Gala, and played three roles in the promotional video: actor Hua, director Hua, and post-production Hua. Performed “Light Up the Bonfire at the Galaxy’s End (点燃银河尽头的篝火)“ on the stage.


2023 Mars Concert (Beijing/Bird’s Nest) Commemorative Special Pre-order sale

Release date: January 18, 2024 2:07pm
147 minutes of full recording in 4k quality
Photo Album: 19 Performances in 8 Cities (60+P)
The long ribbon paper (5 meters) that was originally planned to be sprayed on September 9 (Bird’s Nest Day 1)
Bonus: USB display box + 1 type of trading card (randomly selected from 4 types)
Online purchase:

2023 Weibo Night

On January 13, Hua Chenyu attended the “2023 Weibo Night” in Beijing and won the “Role Model Singer of the Year” award.
Performed the new song “Sea of Wind (风之海)“.

Hunan TV Countdown Party

Hua Chenyu participated in Hunan TV’s countdown party for 11 consecutive years. This year, Hua performed two new songs, “Sea of Wind (风之海)“ and “Extraordinary Ordinary Life (普通到不普通的人生)“, which were first released at the “Mars Concert 2023“ Guangzhou concert in December.



“The Beijing News - entertainment weekly (新京报-娱乐周刊)”

“Hua Chenyu: I am a person who always likes to fight with myself (华晨宇:我是个喜欢和自己对抗的人)”

New single “Extraordinary Ordinary Life (普通到不普通的人生)

Premiere at the Guangzhou concert on December 2nd. Officially released at midnight on the same day.
This song inherited the refreshing style of his new song released at the “Mars Concert 2023 Shanghai concert”.

MARS CONCERT 2023 (Second Half of the Year) Final - Guangzhou

Before the encore of the final concert, a video clip was aired documenting how the idea for an all-night sunrise concert was conceived and developed. It has been officially announced that the sunrise concert will be held next spring on China’s northern coast during the flowering season.


“Game For Peace” the annual 100-person big challenge

At noon on November 17, 2023, the annual 100-person big challenge called “集合100!(Gathering 100!)” officially began live streaming. Hua participated in two roles: the brand character Hua Chenyu and the professional player @花傲天.
The event has invited not only PEL’s professional players, but also well-known anchors and gurus from various social media platforms, as well as many entertainment industry stars.

Tmall Double 11 gala

The Double 11, initiated by Tmall in 2009, has been around for 14 years. TMall’s Double 11 is not just a shopping festival but also a promotional extravaganza in the e-commerce industry, having evolved into a holiday for the entire sector.
Since 2015, Tmall has collaborated with “Hunan TV” to organize a “Double 11” gala. Subsequently, the joint venture with TV stations to host a shopping frenzy gala has become a tradition.
Hua Chenyu will present two songs: “Flight Mode (飞行模式)“ and “Light Up the Bonfire at the Galaxy’s End (点燃银河尽头的篝火)“ for everyone.


MARS CONCERT 2023 (Second Half of the Year) - Nanjing

Ten years ago, the promise that “You didn’t make a mistake in choosing me” was made during the “Superboy 2013“ live tour in Nanjing. This time, he returned to Nanjing and fulfilled his promise.

“Ace VS Ace (王牌对王牌)” Season 8

Hua Chenyu will appear as a regular MC on the popular variety show “Ace VS Ace (王牌对王牌)”‘s Season 8 this year as well.
The program will be broadcast every Friday from October 20th.

Magazine “Blog World (博客天下)”, Issue 398.

10th-anniversary special interview: “Transcending Solitude, Growing Towards the Sun”


New single “Wind of Sea (风之海)

Premiere at the Shanghai concert on September 28th. Officially released at midnight on the same day.
Hua Chenyu’s first attempt at a fresh and simple musical style, and it’s said to be the overall style for his future six albums.

MARS CONCERT 2023 (Second Half of the Year) - Shanghai

From his debut anniversary on September 27th to the 29th, for three consecutive days, after an 8-year hiatus, he held the Mars Concert in Shanghai once again.