eSports - Mobile Game “Game For Peace” (Updated on May in 2024)

eSports - Mobile Game “Game For Peace” (Updated on May in 2024)

Information about eSports - mobile game “Game For Peace”.

Invest In an eSports Team

Hua Chenyu announced on May 16 that he has invested an undisclosed amount in LGD Gaming’s Peace Elite League (PEL) team.
LGD is Hua’s home team as a professional player @花傲天.

Celebrity Endorsement

On November 2, 2020, Hua Chenyu served as one of the four celebrity endorsers for “Game For Peace”.
During the next three years, other celebrity endorsements changed frequently, but Hua Chenyu was the only one who did not cancel his contract.

◎ Theme Song


  • On April 26, 2021, Hua released the theme song “Flying Conductor (飞行指挥家)” and at the same time served as the narrator in the promotional video for second anniversary.

  • In November of the same year, Hua served as the narrator in the promotional video for the game’s “100 Great Elite Competition - Elite Declaration” event.

  • A limited voice pack was released during the live broadcast on August 6, 2022.

◎ Exhibition Match

  • Participated in an exhibition match at the game’s 2nd anniversary party in May 2021, teaming up with Peace Elite League (PEL)’s top player 诚C.

  • At the Airdrop Carnival on August 6, 2022, Hua teamed up with his best friend, Zuo Li, top player 诚C, and official commentator 阿梅 to experience a live game broadcast for the first time.

  • On August 21, 2022, at the final match of PEL 2022 Summer Season, Hua sang the theme song and also participated in the exhibition match.

  • On August 20, 2023, at the final match of PEL 2023 Summer Season, Hua sang three theme songs and participated in the exhibition match.

Plan a Game Session at Mars Concert

  • At the four Matinees of Mars Concert 2021, 100 people and 4 person competitions were held. Hua Chenyu and Zuo Li each led their own random teams against 92 other randomly selected fans.
    The winning team’s MVP was able to go on stage, listen to a song face-to-face with Hua, and receive an autographed prize.
    On December 4th, professional player 诚C also appeared as a guest and led another random team to participate in the match.

  • At Mars Concert 2023’s Chengdu performance, in addition to the on-site game competition, a live broadcast was also held online.

Professional Player @花傲天

1. Register as a Professional Player

On May 30, 2023, Hua Chenyu was certified by the Peace Elite League (PEL) under the ID of @花傲天, and officially registered with the Hangzhou LGD Team as a youth player (Attacker).
The name “傲天” describes an arrogant, conceited, and invincible character that appears in Chinese internet novels and Japanese Comic.

2. Holding the “傲夜天团 Cup”

  • In July 2023, @花傲天 held the “傲夜天团 Cup” with a prize of 200,000 yuan. All participants are amateurs, and the top 30 amateurs can form teams with PEL professional players and compete in the finals.

  • The “傲” in the name “傲夜天团” comes from the ID “@花傲天”, and the “夜” comes from the nickname of @花傲天’s fans, “熬夜(late night) 妹妹(younger sisters)”. “天团” comes from the title of Hua Chenyu’s fans [ “The Martian Super Band (ET天团)”](/hcy-fan/#3-official performance), meaning “top idol group”.

3. PEL Debut Match

On July 8, 2023, @花傲天 participated in the Peace Elite League (PEL) Summer Season, Regular Season, W6D3 as a youth player, and successfully completed his debut match.

  • Due to the tension, his base heart rate in Round 1 was 130 and his maximum heart rate reached 173.

-Get his first kill in Round 2.

4. The Annual 100-Person Big Challenge

At noon on November 17, 2023, the annual 100-person big challenge called “集合100!(Gathering 100!)” officially began live streaming.

  • Hua participated in two roles: the brand character Hua Chenyu and the professional player @花傲天.

  • The event has invited not only PEL’s professional players, but also well-known anchors and gurus from various social media platforms, as well as many entertainment industry stars.

  • Hua Chenyu’s best friend, Zuo Li, and fellow members of “Superboy 2013”, Ning Huanyu and Yu Xi, also attended the event.

5. Virtual Human @HAT花傲天

On May 1, 2024, Hua Chenyu officially announced the official Weibo account of virtual human @HAT花傲天.
The character is Hua Chenyu’s 18-year-old younger brother, with a robot cat named “Mermer” sitting on his shoulder.

  • HAT is the abbreviation of “花傲天” in Chinese Pinyin, which gave him the nickname “小帽 (Little Hat)”.

  • On April 27th, the Weibo account @华晨宇 was suspected to be hacked, and Weibo posts were deleted one after another, causing panic among fans. Afterwards, 花傲天 logged into this account to post and reply to fans’ comments. A few hours later, Hua Chenyu announced that his account had been hacked by his younger brother 花傲天, making the account @HAT花傲天 public for the first time.