Growing Toward the Sun (向阳而生)

Growing Toward the Sun (向阳而生)

Be included in Hua Chenyu’s 5th album “Hope Forget”.
A “Sunrise Version” containing a newly added bridge was first released at the Sunrise Concert held on May 4, 2024 at the Libeng Island Beach in Yantai, and then included in the re-arranged album Sunrise Concert Speciel Album on June 2nd.

1. About the song

On February 22, 2023, the spring MV was officially released in collaboration with CCTV movie channel. In the warm season of spring, workers from all walks of life are beginning to set sail to welcome a new life. The warm and firm power of Chinese style is permeated in every detail. Let us immerse ourselves in the beauty and energy of life, let all things grow, gather hope, hard work and faith, and continue to flow upward in 2023.

Hua Chenyu Writing About His Creation of “Growing Toward the Sun” and “Light the Bonfire at the end of the Milky Way” on Weibo

The songs “Growing Toward the Sun” and “Light Up the Bonfire at the Galaxy’s End” were written specifically for the concert, and they are supposed to be listened to after the Healing Trilogy. From the first struggling chapter, “I Really Want Myself Back (AKA Searching for Myself)” to “Light Up the Bonfire at the Galaxy’s End”, which is the happiest and most romantic song on my entire album, these five songs can be listened to together. The reason why I wrote these two songs is that after I sang the last song “Let’s Go and Watch the Sunrise” at the Mars Concert 2021, I have always dreamed that one day, I will be able to do a romantic and crazy thing with everyone, that is, we really have a concert to welcome the sunrise together. Then, I have always fantasized that there is a song that we can all sing together with warmth, full of hope and strength. We sing an ode to life together, sing sunshine together, and sing a song to welcome the feeling of the sunrise. “Growing toward the Sun” is a song about life that everyone can sing together. The beginning of the song is to pave the way for the description of the sky slowly becoming light, and then the feeling of everything awakening. At about 2:17 seconds, you can see the sunlight at the sea horizon or on distant mountain tops, and then at 2:45 seconds, “So radiant”, there is the feeling of the sun rising up from the sea horizon.
After singing “Grow to follow the Sun”, it’s followed by “Light Up the Bonfire at the Galaxy’s End”. This song has already been released. In that song, we revel together, dance together, and imagine a better future together! The most difficult thing about this is thinking of a title for the song because I want to depict a lively scene, and I want everyone to feel romantic. So “bonfire” represents carnival, and “Milky Way (Galaxy)” represents romance because the Milky Way will remind us Queqiao (a bridge over the Milky Way in a fairy tale) where (lovers) meet at the end of the Milky Way once a year, eager to see each other!

Hua Chenyu introducing the Sunrise Version at the Sunrise Concert

I hope that from now on, all of us will use the most sincere voices from our hearts to sing together for the universe, for the Earth, for nature, for our motherland, for the people around us, and for the purest inch of land in our souls.

2. Videos

Mars Concert 2024 - Sunrise Version

Mars Concert 2023

Spring MV

“A worldwide celebration: Chinese New Year 2023” Gala

3. Lyrics Translation

Lyricist: Lyu Yiqiu
Compose: Hua Chenyu
Arrange: Bernard Zheng, Hua Chenyu
向阳而生 Growing Toward the Sun
生 予绚烂 Life bestows splendor
生 予希望 Life bestows hope
生 予一切无常 Life bestows transience to all existence
相 信羁绊 Believe in entanglement
相 信微光 Believe in glimmer
相 信一切如常 Believe in the apparent permanence of all existence
白昼会变长 照亮心脏 Daylight will extend and brighten our hearts
让万物生长 Nurturing the growth of all beings
如是我们 向阳 Therefore, we follow the sun
沉醉过 泥土的芬芳啊 Once I reveled in the fragrance of the soil
用最柔嫩青苔 换取一抹阳光 Offering the softest young moss for a touch of sunshine
然后自然老去吧 Then, just let us grow old naturally
别再依依惜别了 Don’t be distressed at partings anymore
可我仍爱着那道 晚霞 But I am still in love with that rosy sunset cloud
我看过 他青涩的藤啊 I’ve seen his naive green vine
匆匆长在人海 Hastily growing amid the crowd
被风吹着流浪 Drifting in the wind
更多阴晴不定的 Will there be more unpredicatble days
还是阳光灿烂呢 Or more sunny days?
只是他总是笑而 不答 Yet with a smile, he never responds
就让温暖 驱散迷雾 Just let the warmth dispel the fog
给尘世 一场风暴 Shower the mundane world with a windstorm
看远方 万众期冀 跃起地 那一颗 太阳 Look at the distant rising sun that billions have longed for
多闪耀 So radiant
我看到 久违的晴朗啊 Finally, I see a sunlit world
又在黎明醒来 Awakening at dawn once more
万亿爱中生长 Growing in the love of billions
长出轻盈的云朵 Forming airy clouds
长出柔美的山色 Coloring mountains with delicate tints
长出世界本来的 喧哗 Setting in the innate clamor of the world
寻一颗 未萌的渺小啊 Look for a tiny seed
随着青翠未来 升入辽阔云霄 Ascend to the boundless clouds in the verdant future
那些黑暗笼罩的 Those shrouded in darkness
终将向阳而生呢 will eventually grow toward the sun
也许生命早给我 解答 Perhaps, life has given me an answer long ago
就让温暖 将我救赎 Let warmth redeem me
给心灵 一场风暴 Bath my soul in a windstorm
当我们 拼尽全力 追逐过 那一颗 太阳 After we chase the sun with all our might
终闪耀 It will eventually shine
(Sunrise Version:)
破碎的山 呜咽的黑
就在这 长夜之后
那太阳 闪耀依旧
照亮胚胎 照亮墓碑
随无数生命 漂流
我们 彼此簇拥 歌唱
你看 荒芜之地 那颗
无论 世界种下 绝望
别哭 你永远是 我的 (太阳)