2024 Event information (Updated on 1st February)

2024 Event information (Updated on 1st February)

Event information other than personal concerts. Including live events such as music festivals and gala performances on TV.

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Hunan TV Spring Festival Gala

February 3
Venue: Changsha - Hunan International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Invited to be the spokesperson for the Spring Festival Gala, and played three roles in the promotional video: actor Hua, director Hua, and post-production Hua.
Performed “Light Up the Bonfire at the Galaxy’s End (点燃银河尽头的篝火)“.

Official Video

Promotion Video


2023 Weibo Night

January 13
Venue: Beijing - National Speed Skating Oval (Ice Ribbon)

Won the “Role Model Singer of the Year” award.

Hunan TV Countdown Party

January 1
Venue: Haikou - Wuyuan River Stadium

Hua Chenyu participated in Hunan TV’s countdown party for 11 consecutive years.
This year, Hua performed two new songs, “Sea of Wind (风之海)“ and “Extraordinary Ordinary Life (普通到不普通的人生)“, which were first released at the “Mars Concert 2023“ Guangzhou concert in December.

Official Video