Discography (2023 Mars Concert Special)

Discography (2023 Mars Concert Special)

An index of all Hua Chenyu’s music works, including work details and purchase options.

1. Albums

in reverse order of release

5th “Hope Forget”

Versions: digital album / Chinese USB / Global CD
Full original album
Release dates: December 20, 2022 / May 10, 2023
Online music sources: Spotify
CD online purchase: yesasia | taiwan FIVE music

希忘Hope Hope Forget Lyricist Composer
1 飞行模式
Flight Mode Lyu Yiqiu Hua Chenyu
2 小镇里的花
Flowers in a Small Town Lyu Yiqiu Hua Chenyu
3 小镇里的花
Chinese Folk Ver.
Flowers in a Small Town Lyu Yiqiu Hua Chenyu
4 黑白艺术家 Black and White Artist Lyu Yiqiu Hua Chenyu
Healing Trilogy
Struggle Chapter
好想我回来啊 Searching for Myself Pei Yu Hua Chenyu
Healing Trilogy
Hope Chapter
花落时相遇 We Meet When Flowers Fade Pei Yu Hua Chenyu
Healing Trilogy
Future Chapter
走,一起去看日出吧 Let’s Go and Watch the Sunrise Pei Yu Hua Chenyu
8 向阳而生
Growing Toward the Sun Lyu Yiqiu Hua Chenyu
9 点燃银河尽头的篝火 Light Up the Bonfire at the Galaxy’s End Lyu Yiqiu Hua Chenyu
10 当全世界忘了我 When the World Forgets Me nekoy Hua Chenyu
11 虚幻与现实 Illusion and Reality Lyu Yiqiu Hua Chenyu
2021 Mars Concert Complete Record


Versions: Versions: digital album / Chinese USB edition / Global Version (2CD, Out of print)
Full Original Album
Release Dates: May 3, 2020 / June 15, 2020 / June 15, 2020
China Exclusive ‘Mars Necklace’ Limited Edition (USB, with Three Special Bonuses): Purchase on Taobao
Online: Spotify | Amazon Music | KKBOX
IFPI Certification: USB Edition = 6x Platinum Record, CD Edition = 2x Platinum Record + 1x Gold Record

新世界NEW WORLD NEW WORLD Lyricist Composer
A1 斗牛
Bullfight Pei Yu Hua Chenyu
Mars Triology 好想爱这个世界啊 I’m Here AKA
I Really Want to
Love This World
Pei Yu Hua Chenyu
Mars Triology 疯人院 Madhouse Lyu Yiqiu Hua Chenyu
Mars Triology 与火星的
Conversations With
Children of Mars (ET)
Hua Chenyu
Hua Chenyu
A5 七重人格 Seven Personalities Lyu Yiqiu Hua Chenyu
A6 神树 God Tree Pei Yu Hua Chenyu
A7 降临 Arrival Ding Yanxue Hua Chenyu
A8 新世界 New World Ding Yanxue Hua Chenyu
Seek Shi He Hua Chenyu
B2 无聊人 I’m Boring Pei Yu Hua Chenyu
B3 齐天
Qi Tian Ding Yanxue
Jin Hezai
Fang Hao
Hua Chenyu
B4 智商二五零 IQ Two Hundred and Fifty Pei Yu Hua Chenyu
B5 寒鸦少年
Jackdaw Boy Ding Yanxue Hua Chenyu
B6 蜡烛DEMO Candle Hua Chenyu
2018 Hua Chenyu
Mars Concert

3rd “H”

Version: China Version (USB)
Release Date: March 4, 2017
Out of print


H H Lyricist Composer
1 Here We Are Here We Are Mo Anqi
Hua Chenyu
2 巨鹿 Giant Deer Dai Yuedong Hua Chenyu
3 To Be Free To Be Free Yue Yin Hua Chenyu
4 For Forever For Forever MIKHAÉL Hua Chenyu
5 我离孤单
Miles Away From Loneliness Yi Jiayang Hua Chenyu
6 消失的昨天 Vanished Yesterday Yao Ruolong Wang Zi
7 造物者 The Creator Shi He Peter Bostrom
Andreas Ohrn
8 我的滑板鞋2016 My Skateboard Shoes 2016 Joseeh Punmanlon
Hua Chenyu
Hua Chenyu
Joseeh Punmanlon
9 巨鹿 Voiceless Giant Deer Voiceless - Hua Chenyu

2nd “Aliens”

Versions: China Version (USB) / China Version (CD) / Global Version (CD)
Release Date: December 15, 2015
Out of print
Online music sources: Spotify


Contrary to the first album, which emphasized personal insignificance from a low perspective, in the second album, Hua Hua focused on self-worth and opted for a higher, more macro perspective.

异类 Aliens Lyricist Composer
1 我管你
I Don’t Care Guo Deziyi Hua Chenyu
2 国王与乞丐
King and Beggar Dai Yuedong Mike Chan
Faizal Tahir
3 蜉蝣
Mayfly Dai Yuedong Hua Chenyu
4 反义词 Antonym Xiao Han Wang Zi
5 异类
Aliens Zhao Chenlong (NZBZ) Hua Chenyu
6 逃离乌托邦 Escape from Utopia Dai Yuedong Aurora Aksnes
Martin Odd Skalnes
Magnus Skylstad
7 世界是个
The World is a Zoo Dai Yuedong Hua Chenyu
8 变相怪杰 The Mask Dai Yuedong Takuya
Lin Chengyou
Jimmy Fung
Hua Chenyu
9 写给未来的孩子 To my Future Child Zhu Ziqing Hua Chenyu
10 地球之盐 Salt of the Earth Xiao Junfeng
Dai Yuedong
Hua Chenyu
11 忧伤的巨人 Giant in Sorrow Dai Yuedong Hua Chenyu

1st “Quasimodo’s Gift”

Versions: China Version (CD) / Global Version (CD)
Release Date: September 19, 2014
Out of print
Online music sources: Spotify

Quasimodo's Gift

When preparing this album, Hua Chenyu’s original thought was to call it Size 40, since this is his own shoe size. The idea behind Size 40 was that a person really doesn’t need to take up too much space in the world. After all, you only have two feet, so you only need so much space to stand in. In true Hua Hua fashion, his sentiment is to just “go with the flow”; otherwise, there’s no need to make a big fuss. As long as you’re standing, your existence is valuable. Later, after receiving the lyrics for the song “Quasimodo’s Gift”, he changed his mind. He really liked the lyrics to the song, as they were true to the melody. This was the feeling he wanted for the album, so he decided to use the name of the song as the name of the album. He hoped everyone would learn to accept the negative things in life, even the ugliness we may encounter. Since everything has two sides, beauty may be hidden within those negative things. It’s just a matter of learning to see both the good and the bad.
Among the ten songs on the album, three were Hua’s original compositions; “Why Nobody Fights”, “Let You Go”, and “Quasimodo’s Gift”. In addition to composing for this album, Hua also participated in the entire production of the album as well as selected the other seven songs from nearly 20,000 demos. All the songs chosen for this album are connected by the themes of thunder, rain, smoke, dew, light and dreams. The album was produced by Bernard Zheng and production lasted for nine months. Zheng arranged nine of the songs in rock and roll style and he also did the piano and guitar arrangements for the album. The copywriting for Hua Chenyu’s first album was prepared by Wu Mengzhi, now a director for Hunan TV.

卡西莫多的礼物 Quasimodo’s Gift Lyricist Composer
1 Why Nobody Fights
Why Nobody Fights Hua Chenyu Hua Chenyu
2 微光 Glimmer Zhou Jieying Qian Lei
3 Let You Go Let You Go Xia Yuan Hua Chenyu
4 烟火里的尘埃
Ashes from Fireworks Albert Leung Xi Lou
5 拆弹专家 Bomb Squad Zhao Zhisheng Dúné
6 环游 Traveling Nagatomo Chie Mei
Liu Yuan
7 我们都是孤独的 We are all Lonely Dai Yuedong The Blue Van
8 不朽
Immortal Guo Deziyi Dúné
9 卡西莫多的礼物
Short Movie
Quasimodo’s Gift Bei Zi Hua Chenyu
10 枕边故事 Bedside Story Dai Yuedong Ronald Tsui

2. Video Album

2023 Mars Concert (Beijing/Bird’s Nest ) Commemorative Special

Release date: January 18, 2024 2:07pm
147 minutes of full recording in 4k quality
Photo Album: 19 Performances in 8 Cities (60+P)
The long ribbon paper (5 meters) that was originally planned to be sprayed on September 9 (Bird’s Nest Day 1)
Bonus: USB display box + 1 type of trading card (randomly selected from 4 types)
Online purchase: jd.com

Salt of the Earth
The Mask
I Don’t Care
Flight Mode
Intermission Video
Qi Tian
I’m Here AKA I Really Want to Love This World
When the World Forgets Me
Orchestra Solo: Vivaldi’s “Winter”
Cover Songs Medley:
Lucky as You
Dancing Siren
My Skateboard Shoes
Flammable and Explosive
Fake Monk
Do It While You Are Still Young
We are young
I am What I am
Seven Personalities
Illusion and Reality
Flowers in a Small Town
Light Up the Bonfire at the Galaxy’s End
King and Beggar
Growing Toward the Sun
Let’s Go and Watch the Sunrise

3. Non-Album Singles

in reverse order of release

English Title Chinese Title Release Date
Extraordinary Ordinary Life 普通到不普通的人生 2023.12.2
Sea of Wind 风之海 2023.9.28
War God in Dire Straits 绝境战神 2023.8.17
No Fear of Heat 肆无惧燥 2022.6.15
Iconic moment 名场面 2022.3.14
Flying Conductor 飞行指挥家 2021.4.26
Quench Every Thirst 无渴不爽 2021.3.22
Endless Thirst 渴不停 2020.4.2
You Have To Believe
This Is Not the Last Day
你要相信这不是最后一天 2020.2.21
Folding 声希 2019.1.13
Fresh Trip 夏之旅 2018.6.6
Hi Summer 嗨夏 2017.6.15
Follow Me 随我 2017.4.11
Wounded in Fights 挂彩 2017.1.9
Through My Heart 穿心 2016.11.7
Mars Intelligence Agency 火星情报局 2016.4.7
Rampage 横冲直撞 2016.3.7
The Return of the Master 高手归来
This is Young 就这Young
Spring 2014.11.27
Hi! Freedom Hi!自由
Goodbye, Youth 青春再見
I and Me 我和我
Lyricless Song 无字歌 2013.6.29

4. Re-arranged Cover Songs

in reverse order of release

English Title Chinese Title Release Date
Jump! The World 离开地球表面 2023.6.3
Ceased 静止 2023.5.20
Reset 归零 2023.5.20
Holding Hands 牵手 2023.5.13
Enjoy 安九 2023.5.6
Us, Later On 后来的我们 2023.4.30
Lucky as You 美好的事
Bright Days 闪亮的日子 2023.4.13
The Green Ali Mountain 高山青 2023.4.6
Contentment 知足 2023.3.30
Dancing Siren 舞娘 2023.3.23
Must Be Happy 一定要幸福 2023.3.16
West Gate Youth 西门少年 2020.4.24
Contra in the Wild 荒野魂斗罗 2020.2.28
Ace VS Ace 王牌对王牌 2019.5.8
Tattered Shoes,
Frayed Hat
鞋儿破 帽儿破 2019.3.1
Shouts 呐喊 2018.4.13
Light Years Away 光年之外 2018.4.13
The Ordinary Path 平凡之路 2018.3.30
Fake Monk 假行僧 2018.3.23
Wayfarer 山海 2018.3.16
Flammable and Explosive 易燃易爆炸 2018.3.9
Nunchucks 双截棍 2018.2.16
Child 孩子 2018.2.9
Insignificance 渺小 2018.1.13
Idiot 白痴 2018.1.6
Drunk As Lonely Hero 一人饮酒醉 2017.12.16
Dad, I’m Home 爸,我回来了 2017.12.9
Code Name Contra 代号魂斗罗 2017.11.25
Maiden Of Alisan 阿里山的姑娘 2017.10.15
You Better Not Think About Me 你就不要想起我 2017.9.2
Mr. Soso 差不多先生 2017.9.2
Perhaps Love 如果爱 2017.1.1
If You were Li Bei 如果你是李白 2016.12.25
Nanping Evening Bell 南屏晚钟 2016.12.18
Flammable and Explosive 易燃易爆炸 2016.12.11
Great Sage Equal To Heaven 齐天大圣 2016.11.27
Mice Loves Rice 老鼠爱大米 2016.11.6
My Skateboard Shoes 2016 我的滑板鞋2016 2016.10.30
The Kill The Kill 2013.7.12

5. Cover Songs

in reverse order of release

English Title Chinese Title Release Date
Once You Were a Youth 你曾是少年 2022.7.1
Why are the flowers so red? 花儿为什么这样红 2022.6.10
Us 我们 2020.3.6
I am What I am 2018.4.6
Do It While You Are Still Young 趁你还年轻
Somebody That I Used to Know 2013.8.2
Chasing Dreams With a Childlike Heart 追梦赤子心

6. Composing for Others

in reverse order of release

Artist English Title Chinese Title Release Date
Karen Mok Half a Lifelong Romance 半生缘 2018.5.31