“MARS CONCERT (火星演唱会)” list

“MARS CONCERT (火星演唱会)” list

1. Origin

When first debuted, Hua Chenyu was often referred to as the “boy from Mars (火星弟弟)” by the media, due to his slightly strange personality.
Hua simply made “MARS” his image symbol, and promised his fans that “someday we will return to Mars together”. To fulfill this promise, Hua named his personal concert “MARS CONCERT (火星演唱会)”.
By the way, His fans also received the nickname “ET (Martian,火星人)”.

2. Regular Parts of MARS CONCERT

  • Greet fans with “Welcome home (欢迎回家)” as the first greeting.

  • When performing the song “The World is a Zoo (世界是个动物园)”, Hua always sings “oiaioiaioiaiaio” with a random melody and makes his fans repeat it. The melody gradually becomes more complex, and it always ends on a high note that fans can’t sing, thus becoming a reason for Hua to laugh at his fans.

  • Before the concert ends, be sure to thank each staff and partner, such as band members, company, security team, fire brigade, etc. Every time Hua pronounces a name, ETs shout “Thank you”.

  • From 2014 to 2017, always sing Leslie Cheung’s famous song I Am What I Am (我) as the last encore. Since this is a very special song for Hua and he only has the strength to sing it once a year, he wanted to use that only opportunity for MARS CONCERT.

  • In 2018, after singing I Am What I Am (我), Hua went on to sing an unreleased new song “New World (新世界)” and declared to fans, “From now on, I will take you to a new world.” Through this action, Hua embarked on a new journey in his life.

  • Starting in 2021, MARS CONCERT has been upgraded to an outdoor rock festival. Hua put his rock songs in the more exciting Evening Show, and put his early songs and some pop songs in the more relaxed Matinee. Also, rearranging songs into unplugged version for Matinee and singing along with guest Zuo Li has become a regular occurrence.

  • We don’t know since when, fans started asking Hua for kisses during impromptu interactions, and Hua always satisfied fans with a “kiss song” after a “brewing”.

3. MARS CONCERT Schedule

Year Number of performances Time Location
2014 2 Sept 6th-7th Beijing Mastercard Center
2015 3 July 31st - Aug 2nd Shanghai Gymnasium
2016 1 July 2nd Beijing LeSports Center
1 8月21日 Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena
1 9月16日 Shenzhen Bay Sports Center
2017 2 Oct 13th-14th Beijing LeSports Center
2018 2 Sept 8th-9th Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest)
2019 3 Nov 15th-17th Haikou Wuyuan River Stadium
2021 6 Nov 26th-8th
Dec 3rd-5th
Haikou Changying Wonderland
First half of 2023 3 April 7th-9th Hangzhou Baima Lake Park
3 April 30th - May 2nd Chengdu Open Air Music Park
2 May 27th-28th Wuhan Garden Expo Park
3 June 22th-24th Changsha Malanshan Yazui Park
Second half of 2023 2 Sept 9th-10th Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest)
3 Sept 27th-29th Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium
1 Oct 21st Nanjing Olympic Sports Center
2 Dec 2nd-3rd Guangzhou University City Sports Centre
2024 3 May 1st-2nd
May 4th
Libeng Island Beach, Yantai
3 May 24th-26th Hong Kong Central Harbourfront Event Space