Cancer (癌)
"Happy Camp (快乐大本营)" - Variety Show

The Return of the Master (高手归来)

The Chinese version of the theme song of the Korean movie “The Con Artists”. The title of the Korean version of the song is “I’ll Give You My Life”.
However, since the movie was not released in China, the song was not officially released and was only sung live once in a variety show.

Starting in 2021, Mars Concert had been upgraded to an outdoor rock festival. Hua put his rock songs in the more exciting Evening Show, and put his early songs and some pop songs in the more relaxed Matinee. This song had also become one of Matinee’s fixed repertoire.

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Spring (春) - Music Program "Hi Song (Hi歌)"
Quasimodo's Gift (卡西莫多的礼物) - Short Movie
"Dream Music Festival (梦想音乐节)" - band competition show
Bedside Story (枕边故事)

Bedside Story (枕边故事)

1. About the song

Released on September 19, 2014.

“Bedside Story (枕边故事)” is not what you would call a “big” song, with only a guitar for accompaniment; however, the lyrics are simple and touching. They relate the fairy tale story of a princess who falls in love with a frog, marries him against the family objections, and then they go away to live happily ever after.

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